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Pentek; XE-6 6inch Submersible Motors

A Revolution in Motor Design

Combines outstanding performance and durability with innovative and advanced design features to provide the perfect solution for your submersible motor needs. The encapsulated design offer superior insulation, heat transfer properties, and stability to the motor windings.

  • Shaft – 17-4 Stainless Steel

    High strength / high corrosion resistance

  • Motor Casing – 304 Stainless Steel

    The most versatile and widely-used stainless steel, Excellent forming and welding characteristics and corrosion resistance

  • Upper and Lower Bracket

    Epoxy-coated cast iron – coating is TNEMEC 140, an NSF-certified coating

  • Upper Bracket – "Dual-Flange" Design

    Faster and easier assembly to the pump

  • Motor Lead

    17' – potted connection, including ground wire

  • Thrust Bearing

    Water-lubricated, Kingsbury-type - thrust ratings are between 3% and 35% better than leading 6" submersible motors

  • Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm

    Utilizes static pressure to regulate internal pressure, and minimize expansion pressure

  • Advanced Protection System

    Provides THREE layers of defense against sand and debris intrusion

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Selection Guide

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